Petition To Ban Lionel Messi For Champions League Reaches Max Signature Mark

The petition to have UEFA ban Barcelona’s Lionel Messi retrospectively for a ‘punch’ on Liverpool star Fabinho has now gone received more than 10,000 signatures.

Reds fans allege the diminutive Argentine struck their Brazilian midfielder during their 3-0 defeat to the Spanish giants at the Camp Nou on Wednesday night, where Messi scored a magical free-kick to leave the Reds needing an Anfield miracle next week.

But some fans have taken issue with the awarding of the set-piece, claiming it was actually Messi who committed the foul.
File photo: Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and Milner (Liverpool)
Fabinho was adjudged to have blocked Messi’s run as the Barcelona star tried to play a one-two with Luis Suarez.

The Liverpool midfielder was booked for getting in Messi’s way, but some supporters have argued that, instead, the Argentine launched himself at Fabinho.

As Messi seemingly tries to hurdle the challenge, his hand appears to make contact with the face of Fabinho, who went down holding his head.

And one Liverpool fan felt so aggrieved by the decision, they took to to create a petition titled: ‘Get Messi a retrospective ban for clearly punching Fabinho in the head’.

It reads: “So basically Messi gets a free-kick for punching Fabinho in the head and scores it, I feel like this needs to be looked at by UEFA.”

We’re not sure is the best way to reach UEFA, however the petition could attract the attention of the UK government if it reaches 10,000 signatures.

As of 12:45pm on Saturday, it had already had more than 10,000 signatures – a total rapidly rising with every passing minute.

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