Insecurity: Social Workers Lament Spate Of Kidnapping, Killings In IDPs

The Nigeria Association of Social Workers (NASOW), the umbrella body of all Social Workers in the country has condemned the spate of insecur...

The Nigeria Association of Social Workers (NASOW), the umbrella body of all Social Workers in the country has condemned the spate of insecurity occasioned by kidnapping, terrorism, banditry, killings and other antisocial behaviours across the country.

NASOW National President, Alhaji Mashood Mustapha while speaking on behalf of members of the association said that the level of insecurity across the country is very worrisome to all well meaning and peace loving people of Nigeria.

Mustapha in the statement made available to journalists in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital on Sunday by the Public Relations Officer (PRO), of the association, Mr. Musliudeen Adebayo, insisted that “it is high time the government involves Social Workers in finding solutions to all Social problems militating against the progress of the country. The government should follow the footstep of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May”.

Mustapha while lamenting that Social Workers who are trained to tackle social problems are not involved in the management of the Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDPs) and rehabilitation centers among others, remarked that most of the social problems such as terrorism, kidnapping, hooliganism, drug abuse and other criminal acts of all forms will continue to thrive if those who are trained to tackle the problems are not involved.

He said, “Social Workers in Nigeria are not happy with the current security situation in the country and want the government to be proactive in tackling the menace, as nobody and nowhere is safe again.  The government should provide social, political, economic, and security atmosphere so safe, so sure and so reassuring for the growth and development of the country. This insecurity is denying hope to millions of our citizens; a new security approach is urgently needed to protect lives and property.

“We are Social Workers, with high capacity for problem solving, and trained to provide solutions to the array of social problems confronting the progress of this country if we are adequately involved in the formulation and implementation of critical social policies.
“Government should allow social workers to manage the IDPs, refugees and other critical centers across the country. The Government should put square peg in square hole. If this is done, most of the Social challenges in this country will be a thing of the past”.

Mustapha while commending the National Assembly for the passage of Nigerian Council For Social Work (Establishment) Bill 2017, wants the Bill to be sent back to Mr President for his assent since necessary corrections have been done by the Ministries of Labour,  Women Affairs and Social Development, as well as Office of Attorney General Of the Federation.

He added that, “The grey areas that made President Buhari to refuse assent on the bill have been perfected by the various Ministries. The Nigerian Council for Social Work shall be under the total control of the Federal Government of Nigeria when the bill is passed into law”.

He appealed to the legislators to please send the Bill to President Buhari as soon as possible because the needful has been done.

“We are now appealing to the National Assembly to please forward the Bill to the President for assent. It is very unfortunate that the bill that will regulate and control the practice of Social Work profession has taken many years to be passed into law.

“The Nigerian Council for Social Work (Establishment) Bill 2017 is all about the vulnerable, the poor, the sick, the disadvantaged, the abandoned, the orphan, the lame, the blind, the dumb, the deaf, the injured and the children on the street among others. This is the bill that will help government to assist the poor, this is a bill that will ensure that social services get to those who need it ..

“This bill is not all about Social Workers alone but about all Nigerians. It will help the poor as well as the rich. It is an all encompassing and all embracing bill that would give proper legislation to social work practice in Nigeria and eradicate quackery”, he said.

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