Charly Boy Comes For Buhari Over IGP Comment, Vows To Go After Police

Co-convener of Our Mumu Don Do Movement, Charly Boy, has ‘knocked’ President Muhammadu Buhari over his comments on the recent spike in insec...

Co-convener of Our Mumu Don Do Movement, Charly Boy, has ‘knocked’ President Muhammadu Buhari over his comments on the recent spike in insecurity and kidnappings all over the country.

Upon his arrival from London on Sunday, President Buhari was asked if a different approach would be employed to combat insurgents.

However, the President responded that Mohammed Adamu, the Acting Inspector General of Police, IGP, was losing weight, a proof that he was working hard.
The President said, “You know, I have just seen the IG. I think he is losing weight; so, I think he is working hard.”

But, Charly Boy in an interview with DAILY POST doubted if Buhari was aware of the insecurity in many parts of the country.

He stated that the Buhari led government was the most incompetent and useless ever, adding that the present government was worse than dictatorship.

The ‘AreaFada also vowed to make sure that the Nigeria Police Force pays him the N50m compensation awarded him for violating his right.

Justice John Tsoho of an Abuja Federal High Court had on October 22, 2018 ordered the Force, the Inspector General of Police and the Commissioner of Police, F.C.T. Command to pay the sum of N50million and publish an apology in two national newspapers in favour of Charly Boy.

He said, ”I don’t think the president is aware of what is happening, I don’t think he is interested in what is happening. I think the president can say anything to us or do any how he likes because he feels that this is it for Nigerians, they either take it or find a place to run and go to. This is not legacy, this one is worse than dictatorship.

”To think that it is happening in a democratic dispensation, is sad. Of course, what do they know about democracy? It means nothing to them because they are here to implement whatever the agenda is and not to play by any book, but they set their own books. So the advice I will give to Nigerians is that if they think they have seen something, they have not seen anything because we are slipping into Rwanda, but I expect that one day, Somalia will come. Now that they have discovered that terror is business, look at how much of the killings that are going on; all the top Army men, we know them, people know them, even people in Aso Rock, they are part of all of this scam that is going on. It is unfortunate.

”They will always continue in this line to divide us more; the ethnicity, religiosity and a whole bunch of drama. There has never been a government that has lied so much than this present government, there has never been a government that has stolen our national money like this government, there has never been a government that has been so incompetent like this government, there has never been a government that is so useless like this government.

”Has dollar become one Naira? What about all the campaign promises? How can you be lying when I am seeing that what you are saying and the reality on ground are two different things? Abeg my own mumu no reach like that.”

When DAILY POST asked if the police had complied with the court order, the entertainer said, ” I still dey chase that money oh, because for police to chop Charlie boy money, their belle go swell, them go die on top that money, so I’m still chasing the money, you know how things work.

”I’m chasing the money because it’s my right that was infringed upon, and you can’t have people who are to protect us abuse us and it’s also a warning for all Nigeria’s to see that as long as you are tenacious and you fight for your right, you may get it one day and I intend to get my rights one day from the Nigeria police.”


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