PDP Senator Exposes Bukola Saraki, Dino Melaye In Another Outburst Which Left Other Lawmakers Speechless

Henry Barlow’s “Building The Nation” is a typical reflection of the hypocrisy of Nigerian politicians. They squared commonwealth in the name...

Henry Barlow’s “Building The Nation” is a typical reflection of the hypocrisy of Nigerian politicians. They squared commonwealth in the name of governance, mismanaged resources in the name of building the nation.
That’s exactly one of the imcumbent senators said recently: Nigerian lawmakers and their expensive cars.

In the floor of the House of Senate, a serving senator representing Rivers East Senatorial District has also exposed the Senate President Bukola Saraki, Senator Dino Melaye and other senior lawmakers in what could be described as the self-centeredness of the lawmakers during a debate on Thursday in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.
Senator Andrew Uchendu, who didn’t specifically mention any name told Saraki, Dino Melaye and other lawmakers that they could get at least five million unemployed Nigerians graduates off the street if they sold their expensive and exotic cars.

Melaye has been seen severally showing the rest of the world his fleet of vehicle, which are ridiculously expensive. No other lawmaker has done the same, but some of them use bulletproof jeeps for security reasons.

A few hours ago, it was reported that Senator Dino Melaye acquired new exotic cars. The Kogi senator denied the report.

Though he didn’t deny having bulletproof G Wagons. And according to autotrader.com, an armoured (bulletproof) G-Wagon cost $375,000. That’s over 135 million Naira in today’s exchange rate.

In one of the photos of cars cited in Melaye’s garage a few months ago, the senator has an armoured Mercedes Benz G550. This kind of vehicle is developed for excellence both on-road and off.

“It also maintains the unmistakably ageless design of the G-Class vehicle. Its flat glass windows were designed to make easy replacement in remote areas; an ideal feature when replaced with bulletproof glass.

“The bulletproof Mercedes G550 remains an uncomplicated, functional security vehicle. With Armormax custom armouring, the Mercedes G550 just keeps getting better and better,” armormax said.

In 2017, Senator Saraki allegedly imported bulletproof Range Rover worth 300 million Naira. He denied the report.

Senator Uchendu, who probably, is using expensive cars like his colleagues admonished his colleagues to sell some of their cars and use the proceeds to empower unemployed youth in the country.

The senator was contributing to Shehu Sani’s concerns over the killing of Faye Mooney, a British tourist, and Matthew Oguche, her partner, at Kajuru Castle in Kaduna state.

Uchendu who saw things differently frankly told other contributors to the debate that killings, kidnapping and other vices in Nigeria are some of the effects of unemployment in the country.

The senator said the millions of dollars spent on acquiring cars and their maintenance is enough to establish factories that can take over five million jobless youth off the streets.

He said: “We own three, four, five vehicles and I’m sure we can do much better with two,” he said.

“Our contemporaries in U.S, do they own four vehicles on the road? If we dispose of our two vehicles and use the proceeds to set up a small industry, wouldn’t we be engaging five youths – we will be taking more than five million youth from the highway,” he was quoted by TheCable.

Uchendu who didn’t spare President Muhammadu Buhari in his contribution said Buhari, as a matter of urgency, needs to implement the recommendations of a security summit held by the Senate.

“Under your leadership, there was a security summit, conclusions were reached to study all the contributions and make appropriate recommendations, the question I want to ask is where do we go from there?” he asked.

He berated the president for failing to implement the recommendations, “Has anything been done, if nothing has been done, why? We come here everything violence and security and all that.

He said there will continue to be killing, kidnapping in Nigeria until lawmakers reduced their allowances which run into millions of Naira and take personal sacrifices to engage the youths, “Who are the key drivers of this process, these killings, the youths. They have two vital assets, time and energy. Until our youths are engaged, Mr President, this problem will continue.”

From the North East to North Central, South-South, South East to South West, the security situation is the same, but more volatile in the North East due to the activities of the terrorist organisation, Boko Haram.

REMINDER: Senator Uchendu said 109 senators use expensive cars expensive enough to create jobs that could take over 5 million unemployed Nigerian youths off the streets.


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