Magnus Abe Finally Takes A Bow As He Kills Governorship Ambition, Warns APC Seriously

Senator Magnus Abe, who is currently representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District at the National Assembly, has just made a declaratio...

Senator Magnus Abe, who is currently representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District at the National Assembly, has just made a declaration stating that his ambition of becoming a governor in 2019 has been finally laid to rest.

Abe also sent a warning to the National body of the All Progressives Congress, APC, against attitudes that would create chaos and divisions in the party in the state. Senator Abe, who previously had intentions of becoming a governor of the state on the platform of the APC, made this known yesterday, while speaking in the Rivers State capital, Port Harcourt during a stakeholders meeting of the faction of the party loyal to him.

Abe noted that the Supreme Court decision on his appeal ended his move of becoming the next governor of state, calling on other candidates of the party to drop theirs and work for rebuilding of the party.

He urged his supporters to henceforth end slogans describing him as governor, adding that the usual slogan of the party ‘Change’ should be readopted. Abe said: “This was a journey of faith, we moved without anything and we were not seeing anything ahead. But with faith we moved mounting. We have sacrificed so much and we may have nothing now, but we have stored up a lot, hoping the politics of state will be better.

“We have come out to fight for internal democracy for the party. We have come out to say that things can be done better. We have made that point in a way that nobody can dispute when you next. When you talk next time they will listen to you.

“We had said our final victory will be when we will be sworn in to take over the Brick House, but, sadly, it is clear to us now that our being sworn in is not what God wants now. We have to make it clear so we can move forward.

“That dream is now laid to rest because of the pronouncements of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. As a lawyer we know that the Supreme Court is infallible, what ever they say cannot be dispute.

“I feel pained as you all feel. I know that is not what we expected. From today, when you hear APC, don’t respond ‘Magnus the Governor’, say Change, the slogan of the party.

“I have ended my ambition for 2019 here and now. Every other person should also drop their and ambition and come let us rebuild the party. The APC in Rivers State is in a hole so let us stop digging. Let us stop all grievances and come together to rebuild the party.”

Abe made it a point of note that he is not the leader of the party and does not want to be, stating that remains one of the leaders of the party like others.

He said: “I don’t want to be the leader of APC in the state, but one of the leaders of the party that can be consulted. We will build a party that will understand the will of others. “Clearly, the judgement of Supreme Court has shown that the ruling of Justice Chiwendu Nworgu remains valid and was not procured.



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