Do You Know How Many International Airports Nigeria Has?

International airports in Nigeria The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) manages five functioning international airports throughout...

International airports in Nigeria The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) manages five functioning international airports throughout the country.

1. Murtala Muhammed International Airport

Brief information: Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos is one of the busiest airports in Nigeria. There are two terminals in the airport, namely the International and Cargo terminals. The international terminal works around the clock every day, and the national terminal works only 16 hours per day.
Since 1970, the buildings of the terminals were renovated many times. But the most significant renovation was in 2013 what was concerned with the start of the Remodelling/Rehabilitation Programme for the airport across the whole of Nigeria.

Thanks to this programme, the airport got the most apparent change, that was the sizeable expanding of the lounge area new passenger handling conveyor systems that now were capable of handling more than one thousand customers per hour.

Annually, Muhammed Murtala International airport serves about 5 and 3 million passengers through international and national terminals respectively.s just the Lagos International Airport. The airport's name was changed to the contemporary one in honor of General Murtala Muhammed, who governed Nigeria in 1975-1976.

2. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport

Brief information: NAIA was instituted in the early 2000 and launched in 2002. This is the airport located in the federal capital of Nigeria, the city of Abuja. Official website: The airport was named in honor of Dr. Nnandi Azikiwe, a leading nationalist and one of Nigeria's establishers. When it comes to official visits of authorities representatives and family vacations, NAIA is the place of their final destination to meet Nigeria for the first time. There are two terminals in the airport. There is also a design to open the second runway at the airport so that it will overcome the substantial air traffic on the only existing runway. Today, the NAIA serves more than three million tourists annually.

3. Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport

Brief information: The Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport was renovated and approved on the 15th of March, in 2015 by HRH, Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido. MAKIA's place of location is an old city of Kano, which is in the North part of Nigeria. The airport was named in honor of an outstanding Nigerian politician, who was born in Kano, Mallam Aminu Kano, who was a nationalist, statesman, and resolute opponent of the poverty in Nigeria MAKIA is among the Nigerian international airports that were built long ago. In addition, it is an important transition spot for the annual flights of Muslims from Haji to Mecca. Source of photo:

4. Port Harcourt International Airport

Brief information: The Port Harcourt International Airport is considered to be the best solution for traveling to any spot of the world from Nigeria. It is especially convenient when it comes to flying to western countries. The Port Harcourt International Airport contributes a lot to the financial and economic aspects of Nigeria. And this is due to its advantageous location in Port Harcourt, which is the heart of Nigeria’s oil and gas enterprise. The Port Harcourt International Airport provides straightforward air connections between the country and essential points across the planet, particularly to and from the Western part of the world. Today, renovations are going in the old terminal of the airport. Anyway, it does not hinder the terminal from being active and serving passengers.

5. Akanu Ibiam International Airport

Brief information: Akanu Ibiam International Airport is one of the five Nigerian international airports. It is administered by FAAN, upon the recommendation of the Federal Government. The location of Akanu Ibiam International Airport is the city of Enugu, best known for its coal industry, that alludes to the past times when it was the core of a successful coal mining industry. Consequently, AIIA is strategically located in Enugu to serve this part of the country. The airport has been established in Enugu city with the strategical precision in order to achieve particular purposes and to get the most profit of it.

Now you the answer to the question -how many international airports does Nigeria have? You can find more information on FAAN website.

6. Maiduguri International Airport

Brief information: Maiduguri International Airport was established in the 1950 with a runway capacity of 1000 x 28M (Airstrip) at the present Nigerian Air Force Headquarters, Borno State. The Airport serves as both domestic and international operations during Hajj operations. The Airport is located in Maiduguri and it is also surrounded by Bulunkutu, Shiwari, Shelmari and Muronti communities.


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