Video Of Lady Licking Airplane Toilet Goes Viral On Internet

A video of a lady licking airplane toilet, has gone viral just moments after she posted the clip on the popular social media website, Twitter.
The lady identified as @grimiestt on the platform was a passenger on the flight and according to her bio on Twitter, she works as a sex worker based in Brooklyn, New York.

Written across the video are the words:

‘Lickin the airplane toilet bc I’m gross like that [sic].’

Upon posting the video on Twitter, she captioned the video:

I’ve licked a lotta toilets in my day but this was the first that made my tongue go numb’, followed by a series of emojis.

The video which has since gone viral on twitter has been viewed over 6 million times and shared by thousands of users on the platform, with most viewers expressing their disgust upon sighting the video.

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