Offa Robbery: How Police Forced Us To Implicate Saraki And Killed Michael Adikwu, Others - Suspects Break Table

A suspect arrested in connection with the deadly April 5, 2018 bank robbery in offa, Kwara state, has accused the Nigerian Police of asking ...

A suspect arrested in connection with the deadly April 5, 2018 bank robbery in offa, Kwara state, has accused the Nigerian Police of asking him to implicate Senate President Bukola Saraki.

The Nation reports that the suspect, Ayoade Akinnibosun, said the principal suspect Michael Adikwu, was murdered by the police.

Akinnibosun, who claimed to be innocent, said he is leader of Kwara South Liberation, and knows nothing about the robbery but Adikwu was asked to point him out of a police line up as an accomplice and when he (Adikwu) refused, he was shot and killed by an officer.
The suspect made this statement after his counsel, Mathias Emeribe, asked the court to reject an earlier statement submitted by the police. According to Emeribe, an earlier statement by Akinnibosun, which implicated Saraki, wa taken under duress after the police reportedly threatened him.

In a trial within trial on Friday, March 15, at a Kwara state High Court, to review how the suspects were tortured and threatened by the police to make confessional statements, Akinnibosun said he and other suspects, Ibikunle Ogunleye and Adeola Abraham, were forced to lie in their statement.

He said: “Abba Kyari told me to mention the name of Senate President Bukola Saraki that he gave me the guns for the operations. But I declined to do contending that my life is at stake.

“He promised that they would reward me handsomely and set me free if I can indict Senator Saraki. “When I disagreed they called some policemen to take me back to their cell.

During this time my hands were tied to my legs in the back. Their children are in America and Europe you are allowing yourselves to be used as political thugs.”

Ayoade Akinnibosun, Ibikunle Ogunleye and Adeola Ibrahim gave graphic details of their horrifying experience allegedly in the police custody in Abuja.

During one of their encounters at the police IRT ‘theatre room,’ they said in their presence Inspector Vincent allegedly shot dead five Fulani men. ‘The theatre room,’ according to is the generator room of the IRT’s office and it also doubles as where suspects are extra-judicially executed.

The trio added that it was in the same ‘theatre room that Inspector Vincent otherwise known as ‘Mr. Torture,’ allegedly shot dead Michael Adikwu for failing to indict them in the robbery incident.

According to Ibikunle Ogunleye “they brought the late Adikwu to implicate us and he said he had not met any of us in his life that is why Mr. Torture shot him to death. “

Presiding judge, Justice Halimat Salman adjourned the case to March 25th for continuation of trial within trial.


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