Iraq issues arrest warrant for Kurdish secession leader Rebwar Talabani

Iraq's Kurdistan region to hold legislative, presidential polls on September 30

Iraqi court sentences eight foreign women to life imprisonment over Daesh links

Iraq to continue pounding Daesh Takfiri terrorist group positions inside Syria

Iraq court gives life to 19 Russian women over Daesh Takfiri terrorist group membership

Iraqi security forces kill 22 Takfiri Daesh terrorist group remnants in Nineveh offensive

11 executed in Iraq over terrorism charges: Justice ministry

Any military escalation in Syria terrible for Middle East security, stability: Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari

Top Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist killed in Turkish military airstrikes in northern Iraq

Campaigning begins for Iraq parliamentary elections

China 'opposes' Syria attack; Iraq urges clear Arab stance

Iraq's federal government resumes paying salaries of Kurds frozen over secession vote

US warns Iraq of 'consequences' if it buys Russian S-400 missile systems

Iraqi intelligence official claims Daesh Takfiri terrorist group’s ringleader Ibrahim al-Samarrai, aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘alive’ in Syria

Tajikistan pardons over 100 ex-militants in Syria, Iraq wars

Iraqi parliament votes to lift sanctions on Kurdistan-based banks

Baghdad extends Kurdistan international flight ban over independence referendum

British Prime Minister Theresa May hails UK troops for ISIL's defeat in Iraq, Syria

Mass grave of 400 Daesh victims discovered in northwestern Iraq

Iraq sentences former governor Amer Salman Yaqoub to jail for misuse of public assets