Armenia's parliament elects Nikol Pashinyan as prime minister

Armenia’s ruling Republican Party Vahram Baghdasaryan says new Prime Minister would be elected on May 8

Armenia opposition figure Nikol Pashinyan calls for pause in protests

Armenia parliament sets new date for electing prime minister

Tens of thousands of Armenians shut down capital as unrest continues

Leader of the protests in Armenia Nikol Pashinyan calls for national civil disobedience

Armenia’s protest leader Nikol Pashinyan not elected as prime minister of the South Caucasus country at parliament

Armenia opposition figure Nikol Pashinyan faces hurdles on path to premiership

Thousands of demonstrators flood Yerevan’s Republic Square to support Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan

Armenian anti-government protest leader Nikol Pashinyan formally nominated for prime minister by supporters

Armenian protest leader Nikol Pashinyan rallies for support to become prime minister

Armenian PM rejects opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan's demand after Russian President Vladimir Putin's warning

Russian President Vladimir Putin tells acting Armenian Prime Minister to resolve political crisis via legal means

Armenia’s parliament sets May 1 as date to elect new prime minister

Armenians protest amid proposal for new general election

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Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan to meet Prime Minister and ex-president Serzh Sarkisian

Armenian authorities arrests 70, including 2 suspected attackers, as protests continue