Two police officers in Mississippi shot dead

Four killed in first Airbus A400M military plane crash

Li Jinyuan, Chinese billionaire takes 6400 staff on holiday to Paris

Amal Clooney to accuse former UK PM of torture charges

Tornado kills a person in Texas

Skydiving soldier in UK accused of attempting to murder wife, Victim Victoria Cilliers

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North Korea successfully test-fired ballistic missile from submarine

World Health Organization declares Liberia free of Ebola

The West is now looking at a richer future - 'West is best' say global economists

Fearless freerunner leaps from 43-floor high pillars of Dubai hotel

Russia proudly staged its biggest military parade, marking 70 years of victory over Nazi Germany in World War II

Roxana Baldetti is the first Guatemalan vice president to step down due to a corruption case